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The development of technology inevitably brings both positive and negative effects. Although more new technology creation is developed thanks to science, it causes new problems for the nation.
As a democratic country which gives its citizens freedom of speech and creativity, Indonesia is facing a dilemma regarding technology development. Various problems in several sectors such as social, politics, economy, science, religion, education, health, technology, and law arise due to the misuse of technology.
Higher Education Institution is one of barometers and facilitators in developing scientific research in many fields. In other words, Higher Education Institution is responsible for the advancement of knowledge and science. In doing so, seminar conducted by Higher Education Institution has been one of the ways to provide an opportunity for researchers to exchange ideas and thought.

As a response to the aforementioned issues, Muhammadiyah University of Riau is conducting the second national seminar in Communication, Economic, Education, Law, Social Humanities, Science and Technology (CELSciTech) about the current issues faced by the nation.

CELSciTech is an annual event held by Research and Community Services Centre of Muhammadiyah University of Riau in an attempt of sharing and exchanging research results. This year, 2018, becomes the third CELSciTech seminar and held in international level. This seminar provides a great chance for researchers from various universities, educational institutions, research centres, and industries to discuss and exchange ideas as a way of accelerating the development of science in communication, economics, education, law, as well as science and technology.


To develop the potential of various fields by developing concept and research on communication, education, economics, law, science and technology which can give additional value to the society economically.


  1. To gain information about research result aiming at giving positive impact to the society economically.
  2. To get new concept of research aiming at giving positive impact to the society economically.
  3. To strengthen network among universities, government institutions and stakeholders.
  4. To introduce the existence of CELSciTech-UMRI to researchers.
  5. To gain the latest knowledge from keynote speakers

This seminar is attended by those from:

  1. Lecturers and researchers from abroad
  2. Lecturers of Muhammadiyah Universities all over Indonesia,
  3. Lecturers of Public Universities Indonesia,
  4. Lecturers of private universities Indonesia,
  5. The activists of Non-Governmental Organization
  6. High Officials & Staff of Government Institutions
  7. Researchers of Multidisciplinary Fields
  8. Undergraduate and Postgraduate students
  9. Public